Lentinus Ponderosus

Level of Difficulty:

Easy to moderate

Flavour/ Cooking Suggestions:

The Matsu-ouji mushroom is a nutty and mildly spicy mushroom. It is versatile in soups and stir fries and adds dimension to a variety of dishes.

If you are looking for a way to get the freshest mushrooms with little hassle this is a great option for you.

Growing Instructions:   (Instructions will also be included with your purchase.)

A location that falls between the temperatures of 55 and 65 is optimal for growth. When you receive your Matsu-ouji grow kit, locate the date of inoculation on the filter patch. After 20 days have expired from the inoculation date, open the top of the bag. Place the kit inside the humidity tent, mist generously, and loosely secure the top with a clothespin. Punch a dozen or so small holes in the humidity tent for air exchange. We recomend also pushing a few toothpicks into the surface of the sawdust block to keep the mushrooms from contacting the plastic humidity tent. Continue to mist the block twice daily, and within a week you should begin to see the first stages of mushroom formation (primordia). The mushrooms will reach maturity within 3 to 5 days. Once the cap's edges have begun to flatten the mushrooms may be harvested. Use a sharp knife or scissors to cut them at the very base. After 10 days you may restart the misting cycle. You should typically achieve 6 or more flushes (fruiting cycles) this way. Once the block begins to loose structural integrity it may be buried outside in mulch and periodically watered; you may receive more mushrooms this way over time. Another option is to use the sawdust block to inoculate your own Matsu-ouji mushroom logs. This is done by cutting your own 4 to 10 inch by 4 foot pine logs (preferably in the late winter or early spring),drilling holes every 4 to 6 inches and plugging them with the sawdust from your expired oyster block. After 6 months to 1 year of incubation the logs are dunked for 24 hrs and placed in a shady location where they will fruit. Enjoy you’re mushrooms!

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