Mushroom Cultures 

Mushrooms cultures are currently available in petri dishes as well as in culture syringes. All srtains have been preserved at low transfer rates.
Each culture will be replaced up to 3 times for the cost of shipping. We are glad to work with you on achieving sucess with you're strains. 
Blue Oyster (PC1) (Pleurotus columbinus)- $20.00

This Blue Oyster strain is an aggresive grower and generally fruits in less that 20 days from innoculation. It also produces large attractive cluster bouquets.

Cultivation Difficulty: Easy
Shiitake (LE3) (Lentinus edodes)- $40.00

This Shiitake strain is a good producer and has an excellent sweet flavor. We prefer the flavor over all the other shiitake strains we have tested.

Cultivation Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Lions Mane/ Pom Pom (HE2) (Hericium erinaceus)- $40.00

This Lion's Mane strain generaly produces over 1 lb on the first flush from a 6 lb sawdust block. The flavor is superior to other Lion's Mane strains we have tested.

Cultivation Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Reishi/ Ling Chi (GL1) (Ganoderma lucidium)- $30.00

This Reishi strain is highly aggressive and quick to fruit on sterilized sawdust.

Cultivation Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Wood Blewit (LN1) (Lepista nuda)- $30.00

This Wood Blewit strain has produced quite well for us on outdoor beds of oak leaf and wood chip mulch.

Cultivation Difficulty: Easy (grown outdoors) Difficult (indoors)
Matsu-ouji (LP1) (Lentinus ponderosus)- $40.00

Matsu-ouji is a relative of the better known Shiitake mushroom. This mushrooms has a unique flavor that is both nutty and lightly spicy. This strain fruits spontainiously soon after colonization.

Cultivation Difficulty: Moderate
Wine Cap (SR1) (Stropharia rugoso-annulata)- $40.00

This strain is from a clone that we took from a wild patch of wine cap that produced very large fruiting bodies in large numbers. This mushrooms is best grown outdoor in beds of hardwood chips.

Cultivation Difficulty: Easy to Moderate (outdoors) Difficult (indoors)
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